Professional development at university level: the AutoUni

The AutoUni assures the availability of specialized academic knowledge within the Volkswagen Group. Here, the educational offerings, which are developed in conjunction with the functional areas and cooperating universities, are built around the needs of the vocational groups. With its eight institutes, the AutoUni offers numerous lectures, conferences, programs and cooperative study modules at university level. Scientific topics are studied in more detail in cooperative study modules and finish with an exam. Programs at the AutoUni, which is based in Wolfsburg, have been rolled out internationally for several years. Altogether, more than 15,000 participants attended 273 courses organized by the AutoUni in 2012. Roughly one-quarter of the courses were held outside of the main location in Wolfsburg. Around 40% of the events were open to the public as part of Volkswagen’s regional commitment. One of the focuses was on future mobility: people need innovative drivetrains as well as transportation systems that are comfortable, accessible and sustainable.

The AutoUni is also intensely involved in the Group’s doctoral student program. More than 440 doctoral students were supervised in 2012 at the various companies of the Volkswagen Group in Germany. The doctoral students are conducting research on ambitious PhD thesis topics with relevance for the Company. During this time, they work closely with their own department in the Group, which also appoints a supervisor within the Company for them. Completed theses can be published as part of the AutoUni’s publication series. Active and former Volkswagen doctoral students regularly use the research forum for doctoral students to attend seminars, lectures, sporting activities and other events together. The doctoral students organize and implement the research forum and its activities themselves.

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