This report contains forward-looking statements on the business development of the Volkswagen Group. These statements are based on assumptions relating to the development of the economic and legal environment in individual countries and economic regions, and in particular for the automotive industry, which we have made on the basis of the information available to us and which we consider to be realistic at the time of going to press. The estimates given entail a degree of risk, and the actual developments may differ from those forecast. Consequently, any unexpected fall in demand or economic stagnation in our key sales markets, such as Western Europe (and especially Germany) or in the USA, Brazil, China, or Russia will have a corresponding impact on the development of our business. The same applies in the event of a significant shift in current exchange rates relative in particular to the US dollar, sterling, Czech koruna, Swedish krona, Russian ruble, Australian dollar, Polish zloty, Swiss franc, Mexican peso and Japanese yen. In addition, expected business development may vary if this report's assessments of value-enhancing factors and risks develop in a way other than we are currently expecting.

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